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Next Generation Dice

Bustadice is the most trusted bitcoin gambling platform with a very good reputation in that market. The website offers Dice only, but it’s functioning honed to perfection. The platform grants instant deposits and enhanced privacy. Also you may invest in the Bustadice bankroll and multiply your Bitcoin balance.

Sick of traditional betting and wanna try something brand-new? Yeah, current online casino market has a huge problem: many platforms are really the same. Some of them even have similar interfaces and ways how they work. So, there should be an absolutely revolutionary project that is different from others. If there is demand – there will be supply ;)

Bustadice is a gambling service working with Bitcoin with an unconventional PF! You don’t have to select ‘over’ or ‘under’ to make money – the user just chooses how much he/she wants to be multiplied the spin. It is measured between 1x and 1,000,000x. If the game is higher – you get desired cash. But if your predictions don’t come true, you will lose the whole deposit.

The biggest income per one spin is 37 BTC but this number is constantly changing so it is necessary to keep an eye on this.
Bustadice is claimed to have instant deposits available! Actually, it really expands the row of functions and makes the service extremely convenient.

If you don’t have good luck for a few times – just skip an unsuccessful bet! It won’t even change your outcome.
The service cares about you and your money so there is a competitive commission of 0,25% on wagers and 25% of the house edge! Absolute fairness that protects the money guarantees the safety of your savings and casino itself.

Stop doubting! Check out the website and double your money!